Algebra 1

This course is designed to give students a basic understanding of Algebra 1 concepts that they can use in the study of higher mathematics, in their career choices, or in everyday life. Algebra 1 is the foundation for high school mathematics courses. The study of algebra can strengthen a student’s ability to solve problems and help their thinking and reasoning skills.

Algebra 2

This course extends the topics first seen in Algebra 1 and Geometry and provides advanced skills in algebraic operations. Additionally, linear and quadratic functions and relations, review of radicals, polynomials and factoring, rational expressions, exponential and logarithmic functions, sequences, and series will be explored. The advanced study of Algebra 2 can strengthen a student’s ability to solve problems and help their thinking and reasoning skills. Focus will be on concepts tested on the ACT.

American History

Description to come.

American Literature

8:30-9:30              Tuesday

8:30-9:30              Wednesday

Adventure is out there!  In this class, students will explore the wonderful stories of many great American authors. It will be an adventure as we follow America's story, so join me and bring your sense of adventure with you!  This class will read from multiple genres, as well as cover the historical context and literary terminology in each work. Students will create fun individual projects and journal entries as they discover the works of America's best writers.  Each work will give students the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and see how literature has impacted our nation. We will cover reading critically and introduce concepts that will help students learn how to annotate, analyze, and interpret literature.   


This class is designed to help the student develop critical thinking skills and prepare high school students for college-level science studies.


This class is designed to increase each student’s appreciation for visual art, and to help them improve their ability to see the world around them and interpret it artistically. We will learn about the basic elements of art, do exercises to improve drawing skills, and learn how to use different mediums. Assignments will encourage students to think creatively. We will take a field trip to OKCMOA outside of regular class, and students will be encouraged to enter at least one piece in an art contest. Students will be expected to keep a sketchbook, and will occasionally be asked to bring an image or object to draw or paint from home.


This course incorporates "cold Cases" at the beginning of each chapter that use crime scene investigations and pathology to fuel the student's interest in each chapter. The goal of this course is to help high school students learn the Truth and strengthen their faith in God.

British / World Literature

9:35-10:35           Tuesday 

10:00-11:00         Wednesday

 “We Need a Hero!”  Why do we need heroes, and where do all the villains come from? This class will explore works of literature from all over the world to dig deep and discover the heroes and villains that create so many memorable stories.  Students will be introduced to a wide variety of works from the classics of Beowulf, King Arthur, and Shakespeare to modern masters of fiction including CS Lewis, Dickens, and Orwell. This year, students will create their own project focusing on dystopian literature.  This course is designed to engage students in open discussions about the relevance of these works on our society today.  Students will be encouraged to engage in interesting discussions, investigate world views, and build creative experiences to share with others.  We will have many adventures discovering literature at its best, including epics, adventures, dramas, poems, and dystopian master works on our adventure through British and World Literature. Come join in and bring your sense of adventure.


This course is an introductory high school level course that covers the basic concepts and the application of modern chemistry. Students will complete practice exercises and take a weekly quiz. They will conduct a laboratory procedure and write a report for that week's lesson.

Computer Technology

 In this class students will learn how to create spreadsheets using Google Sheets, create various slideshows using Google Slides, and build a website in WordPress. Topics will include basic data entry, formulas, creating powerpoints, inserting graphics, slide layout & animations, selecting a theme for a website, CSS, and building out pages. Also, students will learn about search engine optimization.


This drama class will teach all things Drama. Each month we will explore a new concept. Basic drama skills, Improvisation, Musical theater, Monologues, play/skit writing, Costuming, and many other concepts. This will definitely be a fun learning experience.


In this course, students will gain experience with map reading using an atlas. They will memorize and label countries, states, provinces, capitals, major features, and will study cultures and people.


This course is designed to provide full coverage of the basic concepts used in Geometry. Students will gain an understanding of proofs through the use of Postulates, Theorems, and incidence as they apply to logic, congruent triangles, areas, space, volume, similarity, and trigonometry. Mental math and problem solving, as required on the ACT, are included.

Government - 2nd semester

Join Tracey as you dive in to learn more about our government and how it works. You will study the three branches of government and what role they play. You will develop an understanding of democracy and what our responsibility is as an American citizen.

Math - 5th/6th grade

Saxon Math 7/6 promotes student success through practices of incremental development and continual review of topics previously introduced.

Math - 7th/8th grade

Saxon Math 8/7 promotes student success through practices of incremental development and continual review of topics previously introduced. it reviews arithmetic calculation, measurements, basic geometry, and other foundational concepts and skills. Math 8/7 also includes extensive pre-algebra exercises, preparing the student for upper-level mathematics.

Middle School Lit Class

1:00-2:00              Tuesday                              

1:00-2:00              Wednesday                       

For the Love of Literature –

What wonderful works of fiction would your middle school student enjoy experiencing? Each month, we will focus on a new book and complete a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary study that covers English language arts with other subjects such as history, art, music, or geography. History and Literature go hand in hand - knowing one helps you understand the other. Students can go back in time to learn about the times of the work being covered.  They might experience the food, see the clothing, or hear the music of the period. They will learn about the life of the author and what influenced them. Students will create fun projects and read great award-winning books!  Works include: War Horse by M. Morpurgo, The Book Thief by M Zusak, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, Budd, Not Buddy by C.P. Curtis, and The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by L.F. Baum.  

Oklahoma History - 1st semester

Originally home to the American Indians, vast herds of buffalo, and unspoiled natural beauty, Oklahoma is absolutely unique. This semester you will learn about people from many walks of life who came here in search of adventure and freedom. Among them were explorers searching for gold, meant and women who were freed from slavery, settlers, cowboys, and outlaws. You will be taking field trips every 4-6 weeks. Please plan to go when you can.

Physical Science

Physical Science is a lab science. It will include coverage of chemistry, physics, and earth science to help students gain a solid foundation to confidently complete other high school level courses in each topic. Through this course, students will see evidence of God's creation as they learn scientific principles. Students will also learn to make correct observations and create formal lab reports.


Saxon Math Algebra 1/2 introduces algebra topics and facilitates the students' transition from the concrete concepts of arithmetic to the abstract concepts of algebra.

Science - 7th/8th

What image comes to mind when you hear the word "Science"? Do you think science is hard or maybe even boring? Ins this class we will be learning about the history of science and how to do science. We will also study the history of life, how our bodies work, and some amazing living creatures that exist in God's Creation. Discussions and weekly hands-on experiments will bring science to life.

Spanish 1

This is an introductory Spanish course. It will focus on teaching common Spanish vocabulary and concepts necessary for daily interaction. During Spanish 1, we will learn present tense verb conjugation, basic vocabulary, pronunciation, and basic Spanish grammar. This course also contains comprehensive based readers for language acquisition. Participation in class is expected. Students will be required to work on Spanish on a daily basis as it is key when learning a foreign language.

Spanish 2

Spanish 2 builds on the knowledge gained during Spanish I. It will continue to focus on teaching the students common vocabulary and concepts necessary for daily interaction through a variety of exercises. This course uses comprehension-based readers for language acquisition and comprehensible input for conversational skills. The student will gain confidence in the acquired language skill.